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711 Gloves n Garments is one of the leading manufacturer and exporter of Leather Gloves , Safety Wear and Hand Protection. Our manufacturing facilities are located in the world-renowned instruments manufacturing.

711 Gloves n Garments has the honor to have the most skilled and talented people in its team. This team has earned us a reliable name in both the domestic and international market. We have a large target clientele all over the world. We have the desire and ability to introduce a range of products to match the international standards.

711 Gloves n Garments assures best service and excellent customer relationship. We believe in business with principles. We are also one of the strong supporter and partner of the community committed to 'Prevention of Child Labour' . To eradicate child labour from the industry, our company co-ordinates with various Government and Non-Government organizations. Most important competitive edge of our company is our relationship with the quality conscious community both at the local and international level. We are a known quantity. Our target market respects our brands and our image.

We are manufacturing different types of leather gloves for Military, Police, Army, Fashion, Boxing gloves as per customer’s requirements. The quality depends on the type of leather required. Most of our gloves are made from cow leather and come in different thickness and styles. The types of gloves we manufacture include:

• Airsoft, Shooting, Hunting, Paintball, Tactical, Riding,
• Police  • Military • Fashion  • Canadian Gloves • Driving Gloves • Grain Leather Gloves



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